Interview in the Network Automation Nerds Podcast

I had a nice chat with Eric Chou in his Network Automation Nerds Podcast about some of the topics that I’ve talked about on my books, like Software Architecture and Automation. We also covered topics like how I started my journey into Python or the difference between different roles. The chat is available in podcast format Here for a direct link to the podcast. and in video Again, here is a direct link to the video. I think there was a lot of interesting topics and I hope you enjoy it!

The Many Challenges of a (Software) Architect

Software Architecture is a fascinating subject. The objective of a solid architecture for a system is to generate an underlying structure that is separates components in a meaningful way, but at the same time, is flexible to allow the system to grow in capacities and functionalities. That it’s performant, reliable and scalable within the required parameters, but it’s as easy to work with as possible. Even worse than that, the work is to do that at the same time that a myriad of other competing priorities are being done, new functionalities are… Read More