What is this blog about?

Welcome to my blog!

 Here I talk about technical stuff, mostly Python, which is a programming language that I really like.

The blog is written mostly in English, but it has some parts in Spanish. I wanted to force myself into writing in English, so I can improve (or at least, practice). I’ve included a link with a RSS feed with only the English posts. You can subscribe here, the same link is available with other links on the main page.

Who am I?

Let’s make the formal introductions. My name is Jaime Buelta. I am from Madrid, Spain, and I’ve been living in Dublin, Ireland for the last few years.

You can find my random thoughts at Twitter, and check my (non-impressive) coding skills at Git Hub.

Why is it called “Wrong side of Memphis”?

Mainly for historical reasons. About 10 years ago, I was writing a blog with the same name, mostly composed from posts about music. The name comes from a Trisha Yearwood song. I though to name the new blog with a brand new name, but I happen to like this one, even if it’s not a great for a technical blog, though, but I had register the DNS, so it stays…

What do I do?


Me at work using new cool tech. Dramatisation.

I am a software developer at DemonWare. I am currently using cool technologies like  Python, DjangoMySQL, Cassandra or Amazon Web Services, though is difficult to keep track, it’s always changing.

Before that I was making games at  Jolt Online Gaming, where I used also cool technologies like MongoDB or Pylons.

Another related things I’m interested: NoSQL databases, Agile methodologies, Open Software, Linux (I use mostly CentOS these days) and more general subjects as software projects management, productivity and personal branding.

I also collaborate with the Python Ireland group, attending to the talks and even giving some myself!

As a curiosity, I run a comic book shop for a couple of years. I resumed my experience there in this post, in case you’re interested in knowing more.

And out of work?

I love music and playing the guitar. I have recovered some of my old posts about the subject (in Spanish)

Since some time on, I’ve been a fan of some TV series, but with the move to a different country I have been distracted and I’m not up to date at the moment.

I love boardgames, and, though I play sometimes video games, I don’t consider myself a hardcore gamer. I play casual videogames, though. And I used to play a lot of games some time ago.

I also like a lot of things you’ll typically expect on a nerd: comic books, Star Trek, Star Wars, Game Of Thrones… I cannot surprise anyone on those!

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