2nd Edition for Python Automation Cookbook now available!

Good news everyone! There’s a new edition of the Python Automation Cookbook! A great way of improving your Python skills for practical tasks!

Now with 100% more Jaime in the cover!

As the first edition, it’s aimed to people that already know a bit of Python (not necessarily developers). It describes how to automate common tasks. Things like work with different kind of documents, generating graphs, sending emails, text messages… You can check the whole table of contents for more details.

It’s written in the cookbook format, so it’s a collection of recipes to read and reference independently. There are also chapters combining the individual recipes to create more complex tasks. I tried to make it accessible and practical.

This new edition has the whole content reviewed. It also includes three new chapters. They cover cleaning up data, adding tests to the code, and how to start using Machine Learning. The ML chapter uses existing online APIs. This is a great way to great results without having to learn complex math.

The book is available for purchase in the Packt website as well as Amazon.

It looks like a collection!

Even if it’s a second edition, it’s impressive how much work goes into writing a book. This book joins the first editon and the Hands-On Docker for Microservices with Python. This means that I have three published books, which is supper exciting.

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