Interview in the Network Automation Nerds Podcast

I had a nice chat with Eric Chou in his Network Automation Nerds Podcast about some of the topics that I’ve talked about on my books, like Software Architecture and Automation. We also covered topics like how I started my journey into Python or the difference between different roles.

The chat is available in podcast format

#026: Netris Discussion with Alex Saroyan Network Automation Nerds Podcast

In this episode, I talked to Alex Saroyan about his network engineering journey, automation opportunities, founding Netris, and scaling up its operations. Netris wants to let you run your network with a cloud-like experience by creating NetOps software for your private cloud. The use cases include hybrid/private cloud, on-premise Kubernetes, Edge computing, and many more.  In this episode, Alex talked about his moment of clarity when he realized he wanted to create a company to satisfy an unmet need. This amazing journey where he took his ambition from Europe to the states, where he saw the next movements in the network automation industry. Let's dive into the episode!  — Links –Connect with Alex on LinkedIn: Follow Alex on Twitter: Netris: Netris videos: Netris documentation: Werner Vogel’s 6 Rules for Good API Design: Amazon Two-Pizza Team: — Stay in Touch with Us —Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: on Apple Podcast for Bonus Episodes: Patreon of the show: Support the show
  1. #026: Netris Discussion with Alex Saroyan
  2. #025: Network Automation in the Gaming World with Jaime Botello
  3. #024: Application Dictionary in Network Automation with Ken Celenza
  4. #023: Python Design Patterns, Automation, and Micro Services with Jaime Buelta
  5. #022: Rock and Roll with SuzieQ and Dinesh Dutt

Here for a direct link to the podcast.

and in video

Again, here is a direct link to the video.

I think there was a lot of interesting topics and I hope you enjoy it!

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