Interviewed about microservices

I got interviewed about Microservice and talk a bit about my last book, Hands-on Docker for Microservices with Python.

I was an interesting view on what are the most important areas of Microservices and when migrating from Monolith architecture is a good idea. And also talking about related tools like Python, Docker or Kubernetes.

Check it the interview here.

Hands-On Docker for Microservices with Python Book

Last year I published a book, and I liked the experience, so I wrote another!

I like the cover. Look at all those micro services!

The book is called Hands-On Docker for Microservices with Python, and it goes through the different steps to move from a Monolith Architecture towards a Microservices one.

It is written from a very practical stand point, and aims to cover all the different elements involved. From the implementation of a single RESTful web microservice programmed in Python, containerise it in Docker, create a CI pipeline to ensure that the code is always high quality, and deploy it along with other Microservices in a Kubernetes cluster.

Most of the examples are to be run locally, but a chapter is included to create a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud using AWS services. There’s also other chapters dealing with production related issues, like observability or handling secrets.

Other than talking about technologies, like Python, Docker and Kubernetes; or techniques like Continuous Integration or GitOps; I also talk about the different challenges that teams and organisations face on the adoption of Microservices. And how to structure the work properly to reduce problems.

I think the book will be useful for people dealing with these problems, or thinking to make the move. Kubernetes, in particular, is a new tool, and there are not that many books dealing with it from a “start to finish” approach, looking at the whole software lifecycle, not only under a “I want to learn this piece of tech in isolation”.

Writing it also took a lot of time that I could be using in writing in this blog, I guess. Writing a book is a lot of hard work, but I’m proud of the result. I’m very excited to have it finally released!

You can check the book at Packt website and at Amazon. Let me know what do you think!

Python Automation Cookbook

So, great news, I wrote a book and it’s available!

Receiving your own physical book is very exciting!

It’s called Python Automation Cookbook, and it’s aimed to people that already know a bit of Python (not necessarily developers only), but would like to use it to automate common tasks like search files, creating different kind of documents, adding graphs, sending emails, text messages, etc. It’s written in the cookbook format, so it’s a collection of recipes that can be read independently, though there’s always references to show how to combine them to create more complex flows.

The book is available both in the Packt website and in Amazon. There’s more information about the book there, like previews and samples, in case anyone is interested…

This is my first written book, so all is very exciting. The process itself has been a lot of work, but not without its fun parts. I’m also quite proud of having written it in English, not being my first language.