The most annoying thing about online advertising

Right now there is a lot of discussion about how invasive and intrusive online advertising is, including the effects it has in performance.

The funny part?

I am still getting advertising that hardly qualifies as “targeted” or “interesting“.


By now the whole internet should have a lot of contextual information on where I spend my time, what are the pages I read, and what interest me. What kind of ads I see? The same products I see on the broad TV. Just the usual cars, insurance, cleaning products. Plus the  spammy “you’re the 10,000,000th visitor!”, lose weight or celebrities click-bait.

Sure, a lot of them are localised, so I get information about things happening in the country I live. And sometimes I see software products, though most of them are not really the kind I’m interested in.

But I found way more interesting products advertised more through “reach your audience” way, like podcasts, or even sponsored feeds.

If capturing all kind of information about someone in a creepy invasive way doesn’t give highly relevant, attractive results, what kind of future has advertising?

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