Presentation “Use of Django at Jolt Online” at Python Ireland

Yesterday I give a talk about the use of Django in my actual position at Jolt Online Gaming. on the Python Ireland group  I talked a little, using one recent system as example, about our production configuration, use of Django on non-typical ways, work with the database and other tools we use related. At least there were a lot of questions and comments and some great conversation afterwards, so I think it was interesting for the people attending…

So there are the slides (in PDF), in case anyone want to take a look at them. I have put some notes.

Use of Django at Jolt Online 14 Apr 2010 low res

Let me know what do you think!

PD: I had to edit a little the presentation…

EDIT: I’ve added the presentation to SlideShare, it looks like this:

Remember to read the notes!

2 Comments on “Presentation “Use of Django at Jolt Online” at Python Ireland

  1. You use django in interesting ways. However the presentation itself is politely said not very good. It is just a random selection of slides/topics. You do not show enough details.

    I liked especially the generating promo codes with sql idea. The solution is simple and fast.

    Do you have a video of the presentation?

    • Well, the slides are more a complement for the speak… Anyway, I’ll try to improve for the next time…

      There is no video of the presentation, sorry!

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