Colourful iMacs again

I really love the new iMacs. The design looks amazing and it reintroduced something long missing in Apple computers. Vibrant colours

I’ll be waiting to the “big” iMac (the current-27 inches size) which I suspect will be renamed as iMac Pro or iMac Plus to get clarity in the product line.

The rest of introduced details are what you’ll expect on this iteration:

Apple Silicon, still M1 chip. Probably a new chip will be presented in Autumn, likely after the introduction of the new iPhone. The Apple Silicon appears to have two models, one for all the “consumer” products, with the introduced M1 products so far (Mac Mini, iPad Pro, MacBook Air and iMac) and a more powerful, “pro”, option (bigger iMac, MacBook Pro) Mac Pro is a special case that probably will get either multiple “pro” chips or a special, “top” chip.

The possibility of using Touch ID in the wireless keyboard was unavoidable, as it’s a really convenient feature on laptops. Same for the webcam, which was due for upgrade. Next step will be to incorporate Face ID as well.

The new design also points to what to expect in next years. Thinner, lighter design which will remove the chin at some point. Same for bezels, which will become smaller. The addition of an external power adapter is strange, though it moved the Ethernet plug out of the back, and I imagine makes the screen lighter.

I hope that it has the same or similar colours than the introduced ones. because they look amazing… And the matching mice, trackpads and keyboards are lovely

I’m still debating myself whether I like most the purple or orange

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