Password Extravaganza: Open discussion about security

In recent times, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about security on Internet. And I mean my personal security on Internet. There has been some recent examples of leaked passwords on some common websites (LinkedIn, I am talking about you!), and I get the impression that the way I was handling passwords on the past was no longer good enough. Luckily, I never had problems, but I thought that I needed review my habits and to take it more seriously.

As with everything that is new, when I open my first email account (about 15 years ago) and register in the very first web pages, my security concerns weren’t really that much important. I started with a relatively (for the time) strong password with more than 6 characters, upper and lower caps + numbers that I can remember easily. Back in the day that was strong enough. I then started to use it everywhere. I’ll call it “password A” from now on.

After some time, I realised that it wasn’t really that good of a strategy, so I got another coupe of stronger passwords, and use them on “sensible” places, like my email, which is the most important point on the chain, or later Facebook.

So, some time ago, I started to think more and more about this, and started being more conscious to password security and the challenges it present. I am going to describe what are my views about passwords and my strategy about them. I am not a security expert, and I think there are a lot of wrong assumptions and myths around passwords. That’s why I want to be open about that, and try to make a “call for review” to share tips and see if I am doing something wrong and see other ways. So, please, add whatever you feel is interesting.

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