Compendium of Wondrous Links vol X

More interesting reads worth checking out Tech Use Python on AWS Lambda instead of JavaScript. Create Escher like images using Julia. BeeWares, a collection of tools to help in all the phases of Python development Crete project templates with Cookie Cutter. An interactive Maze Solver. About development I’ve still confused with this “learning code is cool”, as this article says. I’m not sure if this is a bad time to be a beginner.  Yes, it’s true that too many options is confusing, but the amount and quality of instructional material at the moment is… Read More

Compendium of Wondrous Links vol II

60 hour work week is not a badge of honour. I talked about something similar here some time ago. Social Aspects of Success and Failure in Cultural Markets. Follow up about the Flappy Bird issue, and about the unpredictability of success. About retaining team members, which is not an aspect of companies that is not as discussed as recruiting. Some interesting Unix tricks and recipes, in a very simple txt format. Very graphic display on how conditional probability works. Levels of excellence. Interesting view on learning. It is fascinating how sometimes it truly… Read More

Wrath of Khan and failure

SPOILERS AHEAD: I will comment a couple of things about Star Trek Into Darkness, so, if you haven’t seen it, and don’t want to know some plot details, you may not want to read this. Just watch the movie and come back, I’ll be here waiting 😉 Oh, there were plenty about Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (and a little of Space Seed), but being a movie from 30 years ago, I doubt they can be considering spoilers. — Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is, no doubt, a… Read More