Presentation “Use of Django at Jolt Online” at Python Ireland

Yesterday I give a talk about the use of Django in my actual position at Jolt Online Gaming. on the Python Ireland group  I talked a little, using one recent system as example, about our production configuration, use of Django on non-typical ways, work with the database and other tools we use related. At least there were a lot of questions and comments and some great conversation afterwards, so I think it was interesting for the people attending… So there are the slides (in PDF), in case anyone want to take a… Read More

The intelligent solution that turns to be unadequate

Recenlty I asked for advice on StackOverflow with a question related to sorting information on a Django application. I copy the question here: I’m trying to do something similar to this, in Django. This is part of the page of Anna: Pos NickName      Points — ———     —— 1   The best      1000 … 35  Roger         550 36  Anna          545 37  Paul          540 It’s a chart showing the scoring system, and it intends to show… Read More

Recuperando archivos antiguos

Hace unos dias descubrí que, rebuscando entre los archivos de Internet, podía acceder a mi antiguo blog (llamado como éste), así que he copiado los artículos que he encontrado para tenerlos disponibles… Son bastante antiguos, y la orientación entonces del blog era bastante distinta, pero igual a alguien le puede resultar interesante… ¡Quien sabe! Es posible que se me haya pasado error al hacer la copia, si es así, por favor decídmelo para intentar arreglarlo. Los he agrupado en la categoría “Blog antiguo”, en un arranque de originalidad…

People really love RDBMSs

I had this discussion with a friend, helping him with a personal project. It was a software to help with a weekly schedule, so it has some teachers, each ones with a profile, some alumns, each one with a profile, and classes, relating the teachers with the alumns with time and physical place. My friend has deal work a lot with RBMS and as a DBA, mostly with Oracle and MySQL, and he his quite good at that. He began designing a relational database model, with tables for alumns, teachers, places, etc…… Read More