Compendium of Wondrous Links vol II

60 hour work week is not a badge of honour. I talked about something similar here some time ago. Social Aspects of Success and Failure in Cultural Markets. Follow up about the Flappy Bird issue, and about the unpredictability of success. About retaining team members, which is not an aspect of companies that is not as discussed as recruiting. Some interesting Unix tricks and recipes, in a very simple txt format. Very graphic display on how conditional probability works. Levels of excellence. Interesting view on learning. It is fascinating how sometimes it truly… Read More

These are the times of miracle and wonder

My first computer was a second hand ZX Spectrum+ This says a lot about my age, I guess. I got it from my uncle, who bought himself a more powerful computer. I really loved that computer, and used it for quite a long time. It seemed so magical that you could play a tape, which sounded weird, and load a game. There was also the possibility of program from the command line, which I tried, but I never “got” exactly how to get from very basic stuff to anywhere. A few years… Read More