Notes about ShipItCon 2022

Well, here we are again. Back to going physically to a place where people are talking for an audience in a structured way. It’s been quite some time. I’m not going to deny that the feeling was a bit weird and that I got a bit (extra) anxious about being in a place with so many people. I’ve talked about a previous ShipItCon in this blog. It is one of my favourite conferences that I’ve been attending. There has been not too many editions, this was just the third one, but all… Read More

Notes about ShipItCon 2017

Disclaimer: I know personally and worked with a good portion of the conference organizers and talkers. I label them with an asterisk*. The ShipItCon finally took place last Friday. I think it’s quite impressive, given the short amount of time since announcing it and being the first edition, that was so well organized. The venue was very good (and fairly unusual for a tech conference), and all the usual things that are easy to take as granted (food, space, projector, sound, etc) work like clockwork. Kudos to the organizers. The conference was… Read More