Django and Rails and Grails, Oh my!

On the PyCon Ireland I give a talk comparing between Django, Ruby on Rails and Grails framework… I just forget to put a link on this blog! The presentation can be found at Prezi, and there is even a video, if someone wants to make funny comments on my exotic accent 😛 A problem with the projector doesn’t allow me to display the slides, so I felt a little weird taking the laptop and pointing at the screen, but the people making the video has make their homework and shows the proper… Read More

Planes de desarrollo profesional

Llevo un tiempo pensando en escribir sobre algunas de las posiciones que tengo al respecto de mi empleo y mi manera de abordar mi carrera profesional. Algo que se destaca constantemente en webs relacionadas con el empleo y la carrera profesional es la necesidad de tener un plan. Y un plan profesional es algo que casi siempre se pone en las oferta de trabajo (posibilidades de carrera), pero que, lamentablemente, tenemos que crear nosotros mismos. Es lo que Andrés Pérez lleva mucho tiempo sintetizando en “o eliges tú, o alguien va a… Read More

Database madness with mongoengine and SQLAchemy

Yesterday I gave a presentation in the Python Ireland October meeting about some work we are doing with mongoengine and SQLAchemy and how we are managing three databases (MS SQL server, MySQL and MongoDB) on an online football management game we are working on. So, here are the slides, so feel free to make comments, ask questions and even criticize them! You can also download the presentation on PDF here. PD: When I talk about football game, I’m referring to soccer.